Peruvian Gold 5 lb


Peruvian coffee is often buried under the competition of its many coffee-obsessed South American neighbours.But the truth is, for decades now the coffee coming from Peru has grown in both quality and quantity. It delivers a smooth, mellow cuppa to help you work, relax, or just to get those eyes open first thing in the morning. If you’ve ever wondered, “is Peruvian coffee good?” you can rest assured, this is some of the best coffee on the market today.

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When it comes to flavour, Uncle Paul’s Gourmet Blend of Peruvian coffee stands out as being a balance of full flavour, mellow-medium body, and middle acidity, with a gentle sweet finish. In particular, smooth nutty and chocolate undertones shine through. This is the advantage of a single origin coffee – the flavour expressions of a country stand out.

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