Papua New Guinea Gold 1 lb


Papua New Guinea is an island nation that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. As is the case for many coffee-growing countries, the coffees grown in the  highlands are the most popular, as the best coffees tend to grow at higher altitudes. These higher altitudes are also marked by an excellent climate for growing coffee, as well as very fertile volcanic soil, making those areas by far the most desirable growing regions.

Much of Papua New Guinea’s coffee comes from smaller farms, which are little more than small coffee gardens that are left to grow naturally and are harvested when they’re ready. These farms make up a great deal of the nation’s coffee production. Papua New Guinea coffees are in many ways untamed and unpredictable. If you manage to bridle these peppy beans, however, you can expect some wildly pleasant brews.

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While it’s similar in many ways to other coffees grown in the region (think Java, Sulawesi, and Sumatra) there is a uniqueness to the Papua New Guinea coffee flavor profile. It is often described as less earthy and more bright and acidic, with a slight “apple wineyness  that stands out from the competition.

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