Medieval Blend – Dark Roast 5 lb


  1. A sweet base note: For this, we use a Guatemalan Dark roast coffee that takes on browning flavours well.
  2. Mid-palate satisfaction: The mid-palate is the moment between the first sip and the swallow – in other words, the majority of the consumer’s coffee-drinking experience. Beverages that are dissatisfying during the mid-palate are often called “hollow”. To avoid this in our blend, we use something juicy with plenty of malic acid; Papa New Guinea
  3. High notes: This comes from the kinds of coffees that can be roasted light, even though you don’t have to be crafting a light blend. We’re talking citric acidity and floral notes, such as what you might find in a Ethiopian bean.
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A beautiful blend of Papa New Guinea, Ethiopian and Gautemalan coffee beans. The perfect balance of full bodied, strong and sweet with a gentle acidity and complex flavor notes. Dark roast flavour with the kick of medium roast!

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